Gunung Angsi via Bukit Putus - Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan

The Trek

  • Height : 2,702 feet (825 meters)
  • Location : Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan
  • Normally it takes about 1 ½ ~ 2 hours to reach the peak (Using Bukit Putus trail)
  • Easy trek
  • GPS Coordinate :  2.701807  102.050014
  • There are two trails to submit, the real entrance is actually start from Ulu Bendol Recreational Park (longer trail) another trail is via Bukit Putus.

Getting there

  • Exit Ampangan from LEKAS Highway
  • Turn left at the T-junction
  • Turn left  when you see the signboard towards “Bukit Putus”
  • You are in Kilah Pilah~Seremban “old road”
  • Move about 6 km you could see a parking area on your left 

Exploring Gunung Angsi

October, 29, 2011

Gunung Angsi is one of the MUST HIKE mountain in my list because it is the nearest mountain in Seremban (20KM) and it is lower than Gunung datuk which I think I could manage it.  Being research about the trail and decided to go hike Gunung Angsi on this day even some of my friends not manage to join us.

We were there quite early, parked the car on the roadside and met a trekker who was waiting for their group from KL.  We decided to start our journey first after getting some useful information from Stephen.  Knowing that using the Ulu Bendol trail would takes longer time to the summit. The trek is much more easy compare with Gunung Datuk (Located in Rembau) and  Gunung Lambak (Located in Kluang), it provides a clear direction and well developed trail with lot of signboard indication along the way.  It took us almost two hours to reach to the peak. 


  1. Sir, can u give me the gps coordinate starting trail via bukit putus? Maybe the coordinate at the parking area..tq

    1. The Parking area GPS Coordinate : N2.72733 E102.05629

  2. hi,

    is there any tip which u can share for hiking to ensure we r on the correct trek? or any app that can be downloaded?

  3. Hi Caryn,

    You could download "GPS hiker" on IOS or "My Tracks" on android devices..both apps provide you:-

    1. Capture current GPS location and viewing the map without using mobile data - you can turn off your mobile data to capture to current GPS possible. (ensure your device come with GPS feature)
    2. Import and upload the trail - you could refer the trail information while hiking
    3. Display current GPS location (ensure you get the valid GPS location) on the imported trail, you could know exactly where you are on the trail
    4. Log your GPS trail

    Study the trail information especially POI / landmarks, estimate timing / distance on each POI that build up confident while hiking.


    -forestry permit
    -police report
    -nature guider licenced
    -emergency kit(basic)
    -walkie talkie
    -4x4 to trail head



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