Lata Medang - Kubu Bharu, Selangor

The Trek
  • Height : 902 feets (275 meters)
  • Location : Near Kg Pertak (Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor)
  • Usually it takes 1 ½~ 2 hours to reach the waterfall
  • Easy trek
  • GPS Coordinate :  3.542034° 101.753283°

Getting there
  • From North South highway exist Rawang Toll
  • Turn right after Rawang Toll on Jalan Batu Arang
  • Follow route 1 thought ward Kubu Bharu when you reach Rawang Town (28.1 KM)
  • Turn right and follow Route 55 thought ward Fraser Hill (11.9 KM)
  • Turn right when you bypass the Dam on your right after the bridge (1.9 KM)
Exploring Lata Medang

April, 15, 2012

This was my first time hiking to waterfall and it quite impressive. The trail take about 1 hours 35 minutes (6 KM) to reach Lubuk Mecu (First small waterfall but huge pool). Lata medang is only 200 m further upstream.

The trail is quite similar like Gunung Angsi, follow the 4WD track and it is very close to Gunung Kutu trail. 

0925    Star my journey from car park
1100    Reach Lubuk Mecu wait for the group member
1130   Continue the journey to Lata Medang waterfall
1140   Reach the waterfall
1326  Start going back
1449  Reach car park

Lata Medang GPS Trail Map


  1. Hello,

    I just read your blog about Lata Medang. The pictures look awesome! A group of friends and I are actually planning to visit Lata Medang around middle of December this year and we were wondering if there are any trekking or camping permits to visit Lata Medang?

    In addition, we are actually planning to do an overnight camping for one night near Lata Medang, would you remember if there is sufficient space for 15 people to camp near Lata Medang or anywhere near Lubuk Mecu?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you

  2. Hi,I visited Lata Medang on the 1st of Dec 2012.My personal advise,it wouldnt be such a good idea to go there at this time of the year.The trek up to Lubuk Mecu was not too bad.It was my first time there.The trek to the upper falls would end very shortly due to landslides and fallen trees.We were feeling a little adventurous that day and decided to climb the fallen trees and look for a trek.We managed to find the trek and the falls but its very risky and you would be making your own trek instead.The falls was amazing but the water level was high and dangerous.We had to run our way back as it started raining and the trek was filling up with rushing water.Fortunately for us,it was only drizzling.But,do remember that waterfalls rise up very quickly with rain and the trek is a path for water flow.I wouldnt advise you going there now,let alone camp there.Wait for the dry season.

  3. hi there,

    is it possible go there with mountain bike?

  4. Hi Zainual,

    Yes, go by mountain bike shouldn't be any problem.

  5. Hi,
    Is there any marks or signs to hike up Lata medang?

    1. There are some ribbon marking a long the way but not much. Take notes on the 1st junction between Lata Medang and Bukit Kutu and 2nd junction between Lata Medang and Lata Makau (Refer to the trail map above).

  6. Hi bukit kutu and lata medang is from the same starting point rite? May I know roughly how long drive will it take from Melaka to get there?


    1. Yes. Kutu and Lata Medang are from the same starting point. I think about 3 hours from Melaka

    2. i actually tried using the gps hiker when i hiked bukit kutu last weekend. i recorded my hike and wht shall i do next? i could not seem to get the trek after i pressed stopped.

    3. Hi...If you have recorded / imported the GPS trail, you could retrieve the saved trail log while hiking with below steps:-

      1. Click on the most right hand side icon
      2. Select Saved Trips
      3. Select the trail log (*.gpx) you want
      4. Select import trip

      You could see the trail on the map. If you have off your mobile data, you still could see the trail in blue color and POI

      Turn on the the GPS log and click on the current location icon if you want to know your current location on the saved trail.

      Hope this would helps.

  7. Hi mcHiker,
    May I know what apps are you using for trail maker? Would love to install it in my phone.


    1. Hi Jas,

      iPhone I installed with "GPS Hiker" and Android installed with "My Track"

  8. Hi, Im planning to go camping with my friends this thurs till sat at chillin falls but unfortunately its only open from friday till sunday. My next spot was Lata Medang but apparently there were some car window smashing incident. I was wondering if u have any other campsite around KKB that u would recommend?

    1. Hi Chan,

      You may consider JERIAU FALLS, Fraser’s Hill.

  9. Hi
    Thk for these awesome infro. I hv not been there n will like to explore in the coming future.
    I, too, use My Track. Can share your gpx file so that I can import.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi David,

      I have sent you the GPX file.

      Have fun!

  10. Hi McHiker,

    Great info! I am planning for this weekend and am using My Tracks. Please can you share your GPX file so I can use it to ensure I don't get lost? Really appreciate it.


    1. Just emailed you the GPX file.

      Enjoy your trip.

  11. hi McHiker,
    can i know, if we want to go to lata medang. did we have to hire a guide??


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